Canadian owned and operated since 2017, Troyer’s Spices is a one-of-a kind Specialty Retail Store & Gift Shop located in the beautiful and Historic Downtown area of St. Marys, Ontario. Dedicated owners Dan & Amie (a husband and wife duo), along with their entire “Spice Team,” have been actively changing the way kitchens, restaurants, and backyard BBQs operate throughout Canada. No longer are the days where you have to buy your herbs and spices from the grocery store’s Spice aisle. At Troyer’s Spices you have options. You can purchase the amount you need at a reasonable price and have that peace of mind in knowing your chosen product will hold up in the flavor department. It is also important to note that we DO NOT add MSG, Gluten, artificial ingredients or any other type of fillers to our spice blends.

We cater to those with a passion for cooking, from brand new beginners to the more experienced Chef.

Our guests are pleased to find some of the rare / more difficult-to-find items on ones “Wish List” right here in our store. We also stock the easy-to-find ones, of the freshest and best quality, so that you can stock up on all your favourites from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you are in search of a spice you fell in love with while traveling abroad, that top-secret finishing salt you use in a particular family recipe, or are simply in need of a completely salt-free blend for everyday cooking — we are here to help! While it is true that our herbs and spices are sourced from ALL over the world, we buy Canadian as often as possible. We provide our customers with a wide-selection, quality of freshness and pricing to please the palettes of most everyone.

We believe food connects people, from all walks of life.

We are a small business and we believe in making a BIG impact. We believe families aren’t always made up of relatives. We believe in doing for others and helping our community. We believe in Great Customer Service and we will always treat our guests with the utmost courtesy and respect. Thank YOU for your business and support.

Are you up for a road trip to St. Marys, Ontario? We invite you to come on out to our bricks & mortar store where we have plenty for you to see & experience:

  • 100+ quality herbs and spices from around the world.
  • 55+ salt-free herb & spice blends (handcrafted in-store.)
  • Gourmet salts, sugars & baking blends.
  • Customized blends (Send us the recipe and we will blend the Spice mix for you).
  • Dip mixes & dipping oils.
  • Vanilla products: vanilla beans, pure vanilla extract, agave nectar infused with Mexican vanilla bean and vanilla sugar.
  • Aunt Millie’s Homemade Soups – ALL Slow-cooker friendly & Made in St. Marys, ON
  • MELO’s Finest Oils (canola oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil). Cold-pressed. Extra-virgin. Manitoba made.
  • All-natural organic coconut oil.
  • Canadian Honeys (Ontario): Raw & unpasteurized; Blueberry Honey, Cherry Blossom Honey, Cinnamon Honey, Ginger Honey, Turmeric Honey & Wildflowers Honey.
  • Local Organic Maple Syrup (Amber.)
  • We carry Hemp Hearts, Quinoa (White, Black and Red), Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds and Nutritional Yeast.
  • Tablespoon straws – perfect for campers, when making those once-a-year recipes, when you just need a little bit or when you wish to try a brand new-to-you spice!
  • Feel free to bring your own clean spice containers with you, or simply purchase ours. Are you moving? We can even help you set up a brand new collection!
  • We offer WHOLESALE pricing for BULK purchases (Food Service Industry Discount).
  • We can assemble and personalize herb/spice related party favors/gifts for special events (corporate gifts, weddings etc.) – request a free quote.
  • Gift baskets are unique and made-to-order (requirement: please place your gift basket order with a minimum 24 hours advanced notice for customization.)
  • Gift certificates, gift-ware & select Spice Workshops available.

Contact us directly for pick-ups and deliveries.