Each package contains one tin each of all three SeaChange Pâtés (Smoked Salmon, Lobster and Crab). SeaChange Pâtés are packed in tins with easy-open lids, making them ideal for travel and gourmet picnics.

Although we love to serve them with prosecco, our seafood pâtés can be enjoyed with any chilled white wine. Serve as part of an hors d’oeuvres platter with mild cheeses, sweet pickles and grapes.




Smoked Salmon Pâtés: Cream, wild pink salmon, red pepper, egg yolk, lemon juice, anchovy extract, water, natural liquid smoke flavour, natural hardwood smoke, sea salt, sugar

Lobster Pâtés: Lobster meat, cream, pollock, egg yolk, lemon juice, brandy, sea salt, sugar

Crab Pâtés: Crab meat, cream, pollock, egg yolk, lemon juice, butter, sea salt, sugar

3 x 100 g

Product of CANADA