Two superior quality ingredients are combined in this sophisticated, luxurious product. Favuzzi truffle oil contains black truffle pieces and is made with premium extra-virgin olive oil.

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The artisans behind the product
Located in the Val di Sangro valley, the production facilities overlook 12 hectares of land where vegetables and tomatoes are grown. The de Laurentis family has produced several Italian specialties for two generations. Mr. Antonio is in charge of the land, while Nicola and his son, chef Dino, develop delicious, authentic recipes following Italian traditions. Production is in the hands of a small army of cooks busily tending the ovens.

This perfect marriage between olive oil and black truffle enhances salads, mashed potatoes and fresh pasta with parmesan. Black truffle olive oil is almost exclusively used as a finishing touch. Drizzle truffle oil over potatoes, pasta, polenta or risotto. This use is generally recognized as one of the best ways to let the truffle oil aromas shine.

Ingredients: Extra-virgin olive oil, black truffles (Tuber aestivum Vitt.), black truffle aroma (Tuber aestivum)

100 ml Bottle

Product of ITALY

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