Upcoming Events with Chef Chris Campbell

Local St. Marys Chef, Chris Campbell, will be Teaming up with Troyer’s Spices for some absolutely stellar Culinary Demonstrations this year!

While there are more details to finalize, here are the dates for our following Upcoming Events with Chris:

March 24th, 2019: “GREEK NIGHT”

April 7th, 2019: “INDIAN NIGHT”

May 5th, 2019: “MEXICAN NIGHT (Cinco de Mayo!)”

** Stay Tuned: Tickets will be available for future sales right here on our Website in just a few weeks!

5 thoughts on “Upcoming Events with Chef Chris Campbell

  1. Pls notify me when workshop can be booked…thx

    1. Hi Carol – The tickets with all of the details for this event will be available on March 11th at 12 noon. I will also be posting a reminder on our Facebook page and a “How to” the day prior 🙂 Thank you!! Amie & Dan

    2. Hi Carol! You can find the link for tickets for Greek Night right here on the homepage or Troyer’s Spices (down at the bottom under Tickets). 🙂 The other nights will be placed on the calendar here soon! Thank you!

  2. Really enjoyed “Greek Night”.

    1. Thank you! We are really glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself at our Greek Night! We are definitely looking forward to making our “World of Flavours, St. Marys 2019” events with Chef Campbell as great as we possibly can. We have several new & exciting ideas for fututre events in the works. Again, Thank YOU for joining us & also, for letting us know how you felt about your experience throughout Greek Night.

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